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Most companies are significantly overcharged for business internet. We can negotiate the same service for half the price!

Stay with the same provider.


There is no need to change providers to get a better rate. We secure lower rates without the hassle of changing providers.

Upgrade your speed at no cost.


How long has it been since you've reviewed your business internet plan? Often times carriers come out with better plans, with faster speeds, and lower rates. 

Eliminate Unecessary Fees


Often times your plan may be sufficient but riddled with additional fees that help pad the providers bottom line. If you are paying a modem rental fee you have likely paid for the device many times over. We can get that fee removed.

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" As the costs for internet and especially landlines can be a significant overhead cost in running a law office, a 50% monthly cost savings on these items can add up over the term of a contract."

"Thank you for you expertise in this area as you managed to save our company a HUGE percentage off of our cell phone and land line/internet charges. Unbelievable savings!"

David Rubin

Professional Corporation
Rubin & Christie LLP Lawyers

Christina Dalziel

Executive Manager
Post Plastics Inc.

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